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Hi! Welcome to the Den. This site is mainly dedicated to the awesome computer game Descent by Parallax Software, but it also contains goodies and information about a few other games as well.

On this site you'll find:
  • Levels: My collection of single and multiplayer Descent levels.

  • Ship Logos: Custom ship logos for Descent 3.

  • Winamp Skins: Descent themed skins for Winamp.

  • Windows Icons: Descent themed Windows icons and mouse cursors.

  • Multiplayer Strategies: Tips and tactics for winning at Descent multiplayer.

  • Help Files: Level walkthroughs and level building tutorials.

  • Cheat Codes: Cheat codes for Descent.

  • Descent Links: A descriptive list of more Descent related sites.

  • News Flashes:

    2000-5-15 Did you hear the news? Descent is officially no more. Just as Doom became Quake, Descent has died and been reborn under a new name: Red Faction. I know a lot of you are probably upset by this news, but I welcome the change. Descent has long been considered a 'niche title' played only by a relatively tiny percentage of the online gaming world, and with the disappointing marketing and sales of Descent 3, I think the time was right to let the series die a peaceful death.

    But don't sit there and be sad - go the Red Faction website and get the latest on the successor to the Descent Series! It looks to be the game that will finally bring Descenters and players of traditional ground based FPS's together! Check it out!

    2000-5-5 Could this be the fastest update ever? Okay, so I haven't put together a strategy section yet and I've only uploaded a few D3 levels. What I have done is completely redo the navbar, the levels page, and the cheat codes page. I've also split up the goodies section into its individual items. Stay tuned, I'll add more D3 levels as I download and test them and I'll upload strategy pages as I write them.

    2000-5-2 Taking a break from the insanity of finals to post some long forgotten levels by Wolf: Dead Simple for D1 and D2 and Genova Caverns for D2. Sorry to take so long, Wolf.

    Well, according to the poll, dancing gerbils aren't as popular as I thought they'd be. Since there seems to be a tie between strategy and D3 levels, I've decided to do both! Next time I update, there'll be plenty of new stuff to see, so stay tuned.

    Scorch's Den is proud to host the following Descent campaigns.

    Bahagad Outbreak
    Version 1.0 - Posted 4-5-1999

    Produced by Dark Flame Conversions

    Bahagad Outbreak is an awesome campaign, constructed in a classic style reminiscent of the original Counterstrike and Vertigo campaigns for Descent 2. It boasts 8 levels as well as 2 secret levels, 4 new polymodels, 6 new enemies, over 18 custom robot behaviors, full mission briefings, credits, and a custom MIDI sountrack.
    Bahagad is a challenging campaign with lots of puzzles to solve and secrets to find! Enjoy playing it and be sure to thank Wolf for all the hard work he and his friends put into it.

    Download Bahagad Outbreak Now!

    Gradius 3D
    Version 1.1 - Posted 8-20-1998

    Produced by Blade and Scorch

    Remember the old Gradius games for the NES and Super NES? Blade and I constructed Gradius 3D with those games in mind. We designed Gradius 3D so that the gameplay would adhere as closely as possible to that of the arcade shoot em ups that we named it after. Gradius 3D features 6 levels, a custom MIDI soundtrack, full mission briefings, credits, over 50 custom robot behaviors and 6 brand new robots.
    Gradius 3D is an action oriented campaign with a ton of robots to blow up! If you enjoy arcade action and Descent 2, you won't be disappointed.

    Download Gradius 3D: Defiance Now!

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