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Howdy, and welcome to my Traveller website. I'm no longer actively maintaining this site, but I'm preserving it with it's internal links intact because of the historical archive it appears to have become. You can probably find most anything in here mirrored elsewhere on the web, but my original and continued goal when I created this site was to keep the information alive and available. Years ago, Sunbane did this job. Ask some of the old-timers on the TML list, and they'll tell you. A lot of my data is originally mirror from Sunbane, and I'm sorry I didn't just snag it all back then.

If you're looking for traveller resources, I heartily recommend They're active and maintain an excellent set of links to the folks doing the current work with Traveller.

The Missouri Archive

An online archive of information, discussions, items, and ideas from the Internet

Rules Modifications & General Discussions

House rules, beta bits, Errata and "how it might work" articles

Traveller Answers
Traveller Errata

Library Data

Adventures, tidbits and information for the Traveller Universe

3D Space
My experiments in 3D traveller and maps...

Java Stuff
Various bits of java code related to Traveller

T4 Campaign
Details of the T4 campaign I was playing in 1998. Deckplans, details, and so on.

The Traveller WebRing
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